Iowa Racers Make an Impact, CXNats 2015

Iowa US Cyclocross Nationals wrapped up today in Austin, TX, congratulations to those who traveled to Austin, I am sure it was a great week. Below are the results as we know them, if there are others, please let us know. The big highlight from todays racing action would be Alijah Beatty taking 3rd in the 15-16 year old women’s race! Congratulations Alijah, and to each and everyone of you who represented Iowa at #CXNats in some very tough racing conditions! Wednesday 1/7/14 (non-championship day):
  • Tyler Reynolds: 10-29 non-championship event 24th Place
  • James Cochran: 45+ non-championship event 1st Place
  • Harry Fortney: 45+ non-championship event 123rd Place
  • Steve Reynolds: 45+ non-championship event 66th Place
  • John Stonebarger: 45+ non-championship event 23rd Place
  • Alijah Beatty: women’s non-championship 11th Place
  • Tara Coady: women’s non-championship 91st Place
  • Kendra Law: women’s non-championship 78th Place
  Thursday 1/8/14:
  • Thomas Scholz: 55-59 24th Place
  • David Delperdang: 60-64 DNS
  • Norman Wellings: 65-69 17th Place
  • Harry Fortney: 65-69 20th Place
  • John Stonebarger: 50-54 68th Place
  • Tara Coady: women 50-54 DNS
  • Kathleen Porter: women 50-54 21st Place
  • Sarah Barber: women 55-59 6th Place
  Friday 1/9/14:
  • Benjamin Anderson: 30-34 23rd Place
  • Kevin McConnell: 30-34 4th Place
  • Andy Lueck: 30-34 10th Place
  • Ryan Jacobsen: 30-34 22nd Place
  • James Cochran: 45-49 4th Place
  • Steve Reynolds: 45-49 123rd Place
  Saturday 1/10/14:
  • Tyler Reynolds: 13-14 17th Place
  • Matt Zimmer: collegiate D1 11th Place
  • Alijah Beatty: women 15-16 3rd Place
  • Kendra Law: women 17-18 16th Place
  • Amanda Miller (born in Iowa): women’s elite 7th Place