• Regular Business
    • Meeting Frequency
    • 2023 Scheduling
      • State Criterium Championships
      • Officials Shortage
  • USAC Updates
  • IBRA Election Results
    • Board officer selection
  • 2023 Budget
  • Open Discussion

Meeting Slide Deck.

Regular Business

  • Board will be moving to quartely meetings via Google Meet. Check the IBRA calendar for exact dates.
  • USA Cycling local association call is held the first Wednesday of the month. IBRA board members will recive an invite.
  • 2023 Race calendar was reviewed. Concern around a shortage of licensed Iowa officials given the number of planned races.
    • Will review subsiding officials activity in the budget portion of the meeting.

USAC Updates

  • Increase in rider day stipend
  • Mountain biking will be a covered discipline in the local association agreement in 2023. Will be required to have a calendar of MTB events and assign officials for those events.
    • No concern for the board since this is already happening in Iowa.

IBRA Election Results

Name Votes
Vance Fletcher - Phoenix Syndicate 16
Scott Robinson - Midstate 13
Larry Howe - Goosetown/New Pioneer 12
Ryan Jacobsen - Iowa City Cycling Club/Corridor Devo 11
Jacob Oyen - Zealous Racing 9
Chris Daggs - CDM Coaching 8
Noah Marcus - Zealous Racing 6
  • Board officer selection
    • President - Jacob Oyen
    • Treasurer - Larry Howe
    • Secretary - Vance Fletcher
  • The role of vice president will be reviewed at a future meeting.
  • The board will consider succession planning at a future meeting.
  • New board members will need to complete a background check and SafeSport training.

## 2023 Budget

  • Review of the 2022 financials
    • Expenses were more that income. This is attributed to suspension of the IBRA rider surcharge and officials mileage supplement.
  • Discussion of reinstating the $1/rider IBRA surcharge.
  • Larry Howe will submit a new budget for board review due to time constraints of the meeting venue.