The IBRA board met at the Iowa Bicycle Expo in Des Moines Jan 27. 2024.


  • 2023 Rider Data
  • Regular Business
    • Board nominations
    • Board transitions
    • Board officer selection
  • Future of IBRA
    • Officials assignor
  • 2024 Budget
  • Open Discussion

2024 Annual Meeting Slide Deck

Regular Business

  • Board moved to add Wayne Fett of Goosetown/New Pi to the board
  • Board members looking to transition to new roles
    • Larry Howe indicated his desire to be no longer serve the board as treasurer
    • Jacob Oyen shared is desire to begin the transition of presidential duties to a different board member
  • 2024 officer selection
    • Jacob Oyen was nominated accepted the role of president
    • Vance Fletcher was nominated and accepted the role of president-elect
    • Chris Daggs was nominated and accepted the role of vice president
    • Wayne Fett was nominated and accepted the role of treasurer
    • Noah Marcus was nominated and accepted the role of secretary
  • It was suggested that board elections need to start earlier

Future of IBRA

  • General discussion covering the role of officials assignor. Larry Howe is currently fulfilling this role and would like to find someone to transition this to or send scheduling duties back to USA Cycling for scheduling.

Open Discussion

  • How to encourage more women and juniors to attend races
  • Race calendar

2024 Budget

  • Discussion on the IBRA surcharge status. Board was mixed on adding the $1/rider/day surcharge back to race directors without having a clear use case for the funds. Additional discussion was deferred until after the budget review.
  • IBRA Budget review. Board agreed to defer the budget review until the next meeting.