IBRA Rule of the Week – Get your TT on!

The Rule of the Week took Spring Break last week but is back with its aero helmet on! This week we shall just highlight some topics concerning Time Trials. Speaking of Time Trials, you can find a complete list of Time Trials and all other events on the IBRA Event Schedule! Race Directors all over the state host several of them and there are a few rules that were implemented in the past few years that may not yet be engraved into the top tube of your TT bike, so here we go!

Sleeves vs. No Sleeves

Rule 1J5 was modified last year to add Time Trials to the list of events where sleeveless jerseys are allowed!. This rule was relaxed to make the races a little more user friendly and to welcome more triathletes to USAC events.

1J5: Jerseys must be worn in all races and shall cover the shoulders.
(a) Sleeveless jerseys are allowed only in non-international MTB races and individual time trials. Skin suits may not be worn in Pro gravity events per UCI rules.

Bonus Rule about Jerseys: For Road, Criterium, CycloCross, and Track races, you must have sleeves covering your shoulder, so throw a t-shirt on top of, or under your sleeveless jersey and you are ready to race.

Category Entries

Another rule, 1H4(c) was relaxed for the same reason, to allow more people to compete in the variety of race levels at a single day time trial. Riders may now enter single-day time trial events in their proper category or a higher category at their discretion.

This was changed because there are some really fast time trialists out there, but to upgrade you are judged based on your road/criterium results. If you only do TT’s how do you upgrade, well, this makes it so you don’t have upgrade. Size up your competition and race against the people who challenge you the most.


With the new race age of 9 this year, juniors with a race age of 9-14 are now required to ride massed-start legal bicycles in all disciplines (no aero equipment).

That is all for this week, now, grab you sleeveless jersey and go enter that TT and try to beat Jeff Barnes, Vanessa Curtis, Carmen Small, or Tom Zirbel, even as a Cat 5, that would be awesome!