Cochran Wins at CX Nats Day 1 – And other #CXNats Iowa News

Cochran Cochran Wins The 2015 U.S. Cyclo-cross Nationals are happening now in Austin, TX. 19 racers from Iowa are registered in the events that started today and continue through Sunday. Today wrapped up the Non-Championship events, these races are a perfect opportunity to get on the course and get to know the lines, the flow, and to learn about some of the competition. The remainder of the days feature a series of races to name national champions is a variety of age groups and categories.

For more information about all the races click here.

Wednesday Key Highlight has to be James Cochran winning the 45+ race. The other racers participated in some mixed categories for todays races and it is hard to get a feel for where they placed and what it means for the rest of the week. Congratulations Jim, and to all the racers who hit the course today.

Keep up the hard efforts everybody! Here is a list of racers and the event categories:

Wednesday (non-championship day):

Tyler Reynolds: 10-29 non-championship event

James Cochran: 45+ non-championship event

Harry Fortney: 45+ non-championship event

Steve Reynolds: 45+ non-championship event

John Stonebarger: 45+ non-championship event

Alijah Beatty: women’s non-championship

Tara Coady: women’s non-championship

Kendra Law: women’s non-championship


Thomas Scholz: 55-59

David Delperdang: 60-64

Norman Wellings: 65-69

John Stonebarger: 50-54

Tara Coady: women 50-54

Kathleen Porter: women 50-54

Sarah Barber: women 55-59


Benjamin Anderson: 30-34

Kevin McConnell: 30-34

Ryan Jacobsen: 30-34

James Cochran: 45-49

Steve Reynolds: 45-49


Tyler Reynolds: 13-14

Alijah Beatty: women 15-16

Kendra Law: women 17-18

Matt Zimmer: collegiate D1


Amanda Miller (born in Iowa): women’s elite