Rule of the Week – Low Testosterone

This week I was going to draft a 30 page essay on the pros and cons of the rules related to using shoe covers in a time trial…but I took the easy route.

There have been several riders busted over the past few month for used PED’s. This morning as I was working on page 27 of my dissertation about shoe covers when I saw this article about Testosterone usage, and I thought it was worth sharing.

Read this:

What struck me first was that the article was written by a doctor, not a journalist. Add the fact he is a Cat 3 rider…and you see why I might be interested.

Here are some additional links that you might also find handy:

Thanks, and remember, this is just a local bike race officials opinion and has not been vetted by a pro or an editor.

Ride hard, train hard, and according to the doc, rest hard!