For Promoters

For 2015 all events must be promoted by a USA Cycling Certified Race Director. This process must be completed prior to permitting your event.  Details can be found HERE.

Here’s a timeline of when a promoter should be getting their tasks done. This is just a guide so you may have some additional tasks or maybe a task needs to be completed earlier. Use this as a starting point.

IBRA maintains a race calendar, in late November there is a scheduling meeting to review the events that occurred during the year and to establish the calendar for the following year. This is the best time to work on a date for your event. During the race year it may be a little tougher to accommodate a new  race date depending on the locations and type of event. We will do everything we can to add new events to the calendar in cooperation with existing events.

At Least Six Months Before the Race:

  • Contact the IBRA Permit Coordinator (should be make it to the fall event scheduling meeting)
  • Get race listed on calendar(s)
  • Obtain sponsors
  • Research Race Course
  • Seek clearance from any government officials – city, county, and state.
  • Apply for Race Permit – this will get you on the USA Cycling Calendar

At Least Three Months Before the Race:

  • Print posters and publicity materials
  • Prepare and print race announcement
  • Confirm appointments of officials with Officials Coordinator
  • Contact the Chief Referee for a pre event planning discussion
  • Contact to advertise
  • Arrange for first aid
  • Secure changing facilities
  • Hire announcer

At Least Two Months Before the Race:

  • Assemble Press Kit
  • Mail race announcements
  • Notify  local residents of the event
  • Solicit course marshals
  • Arrange for official car and driver and support vehicles if needed
  • Purchase race numbers
  • Arrange for PA system

At Least One Month Before the Race:

  • Distribute posters and press kits
  • Purchase non-owned vehicle and motorcycle insurance through USA Cycling
  • Write press release announcements
  • Account for Prize Money
  • Arrange for all other equipment

Three Weeks Before the Race:

  • Meet with your race committee
  • Progress report to Permit Coordinator and Chief Referee

Two Weeks Before the Race:

  • Write and send a second press release with updates
  • Write a race program

One Week Before the Race:

  • Close pre-registration (this may be the day before)
  • Mail press kits
  • Meet with staff – race committee and marshals
  • Confirm that you have the prize money
  • Confirm all equipment
  • Notify local authorities that the race will proceed as scheduled and confirm their participation

Day Before Race:

  • Survey course
  • Set hay bales, cones and barricades where possible

Race Day:

  • Assign a staff menber at attend to the press
  • Plan for an Officials Meeting at least one hour before the start of the event
  • Perform final check of course / finish course setup
  • Set up registration tables
  • Position marshals – especially near finish area and corners

After the Finish of Each Event;

  • Obtain finish sheet from Chief Judge
  • Award prizes
  • Sweep and clean course  – perform a double mainly for criteriums
  • Pay the Officials and any USA Cycling fees

After Race:

  • Make sure results get to USA Cycling
  • Send press release on results

Within 2 Days After Race:

  • Collect all media coverage of event
  • Update sponsors on the success

Start Planning for Next Year!!!

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