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This is your page to trade tips and tricks, share concerns, and communicate with other officials. We will also post links that may be of interest to you. Please contribute your ideas. We are a terrific team, and only getting better. Send your contributions to: jeffvmertz (at)
  • What does it take to be an official?
  • Who can be an official?
  • Why should my club have officials?
  • How many races must I work?
  • What do I get out of all this?
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Officials Documents & Policies

Here are forms and documents you might find helpful in your work as an official. To find even more documents, go to the USA Cycling Officials Resource page by clicking here.  

What does it take to be an official?

It is easy to get started. The IBRA will provide a clinic wherever there are at least three interested candidates. The introductory clinic takes about six hours, culminating with an open-book test.  

Who can be an official?

Anyone can be an official. Those who are not yet eighteen years of age are restricted to assistant judge/scorer/timer positions. Prior experience in bicycle racing is helpful, but not required. You should be willing to spend long days in the hot sun or cold rain.  

Why should my club have officials?

Knowledge of the rules among racers is relatively low. Having an official in the club should help your riders avoid penalties and help your club put on better races. It can reduce the club’s cost for organizing a race if club officials volunteer their services.  

How many races must I work?

You are not required to work at all! You should work at least three races per year to maintain your category.  

What do I get out of all this?

Officials are paid based on the prize list of the race, ranging from $50 for a race with no prize list, to $100 for a full-day category A race. Chief referees and chief judges receive slightly more. All officials receive $.46 per mile for travel to and from the race. Besides all that, you get a warm feeling in your heart knowing that you helped to provide a safe and fair competition for the racers.  

Links for Officials